A Lifestyle for the 21st Century

There are some basic things you can do in your own life to transform yourself and the world into the next level of evolution. We are rising from the animal consciousness into the human. Take the next step. Here are some actions that can help facilitate your evolution:

1. GO WITHIN. Take some time each day to explore your inner dimensions. Do some daily prayer and meditation to cultivate and expanded awareness of the Source of creation, That which sustains creation and That into which creation is transformed. Mere philosophy cannot compare to the actual experience of that inner dimension. Put in the time; in the beginning its tough but the effort is rewarded a hundred times.

2. GET MOVING! Do some daily exercise: take a walk, a run, go for a swim, a bike ride or whatever moves you. It’s a great way to reduce stress- the major cause of heart disease- and have some fun. While your doing the exercise try to focus, as much as possible on you breath; this will ground and center you, and get you beyond the mundane thought-world.

3. STEP AWAY from smoking, alcohol and non-medicinal drugs. There's no better single thing you can do for your body and awareness than this. There is plenty of energy in your body and nervous system for everything you want to do. Nature did an incredible thing in creating you, don't screw it up. Also, it’s a great way to make a better world: cut down demand and you'll help create new crops in the world and do away with the major funding for crime and other covert activities.

4. READ. The thoughts of humanity's greatest thinkers are available to us all. Turn off the incessant talking heads and spend some time with people who learned to think for

themselves. Start anywhere your inspired and follow the train of thought; its an exciting ride. Great thinking gives rise to incredible actions. Your thoughts and actions can change your world and help others in theirs.

5. FIND YOUR CONNECTION. The earth and everything on it-that includes you- is linked by the universal creative urge. Expand your awareness of reality beyond the physical knee-jerk reaction. Step back and watch the cosmic flow of energy pulse through your body, mind and emotions. Its and incredible show and flow. Follow it to the Source and…that’s true release.

sticker I put on my suitcase and into my mind. Dwell on it and see what it resonates into in your life. I personally don't eat animals or harm others - as much as I am able to be conscious of. Try living a day, or an hour, or even a minute in without harming others in deed, word and thought. It’s a challenge but someone- about 2000 years ago- said it was a way to become perfect.

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