Learn to Meditate


Meditation is a practice which has developed over many thousands of years. Meditation has played, and continues to play, an important role in the cultivation of spiritual energies in the lives of many individuals and nations. Through the practice of meditation we awaken to the spirit which is the essence of our being.

This book has been created to provide you with safe and simple techniques for learning and experiencing concentration, relaxation and meditation. I will also present a solid basis of information so that you will understand the 'how and why' of the art of meditation which begins in learning concentration and focusing exercises.


The intensity, energy and commitment required for such an undertaking is tremendous, as are the powers and forces which are accessed and unleashed during the meditation process. The dormant potential within each of us is both unimaginable and, all too often, unexplored.

Ideally, due to the immensity of this journey of discovery, meditation should be studied and practiced under the guidance of a genuine spiritual teacher. A true spiritual teacher can oversee our spiritual growth, steering us clear of potential pitfalls and guiding us towards the supreme goal of existence–the awareness and embodiment of the fount of existence. It is said that when a student is ready, the teacher appears.


A walk on the beach, a hike through the woods, listening and relaxing to the sounds of nature, gardening, helping others, exercising, writing, painting, creating: all of these activities prepare us for experiencing meditation.

Meditation is communion with the source of life. Many of us have lost or never even felt this connection. In reconnecting with our source, we become conscious of the miracle of life, happening every moment within and around us.

Our conscious effort towards this awareness of our deepest depths is meditation. Theories and ideas cannot replace experience. Touching our source requires patience, practice and determination. Our persistent effort will assuredly bring the results we seek: doubt will be replaced by confidence, questions by knowledge and thought by action. These changes require of us an invitation to newness and the courage to let go of all that which binds and limits our consciousness.

Throughout this book there are exercises designed to aid you in learning how to focus, relax and meditate. To experience meditation you must do more than read. Try all of the exercises as they appear during your reading. Note which ones work best for you and from those which you prefer, create your own daily meditation program. Developing a daily meditation practice is the effort necessary to experience deeper and higher realms of being and awareness. Meditation, as with anything, is learned by regular practice; that is why there are specific exercises for you to do while reading. These exercises are the essence of this work. Please do them.




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